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2021 season

2021 season

Hello! How's it going?

We are already fully entering 2021 and with it a new season is presented full of surprise and eager to start.

First of all, we wish that all your friends, family, acquaintances, etc. are well. These are strange times but we do not have to stop looking to the future for that!

This year we have managed to have more than 18 villas exclusively for our clients, as you can see on the web, we have only posted a few and with little information because one of our ethos is always to preserve the client's privacy.

On the other hand, we have renewed the fleet of boats with two new additions, as well as the remodeling of our Tullio 42 and two new models of sunseekers.

In beverage delivery, we have signed agreements with Moët Chandon and Belvedere vodka, which will allow us to be more competitive, we have also incorporated brands that are “in fashion” and kept the same as always.

External to our services, we have created two brands that we will later report on: Foorter Sunglasses and Robiza Wine. In brief we will give you more information both on social networks and here!

We know that there are many of you who could not come last year and we hope to see you this year, always looking forward to having fun!

Welcome to Ibiza 2021!

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