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Drink home ibiza 2024

Drink home ibiza 2024

Hello friends, welcome back to our blog!

2023 has been very intense, with many changes and we have not had time to write here, we are very sorry!

This year we are very excited to announce many surprises with the company and also with our Robiza wine, eco-luxury wines. We are already entering 2024 and with it comes a new season full of interesting challenges in ibiza.

First of all, we wish that all your friends, family... are well! Winter has flown by with so much work and events both in Ibiza and abroad to enhance our brands and attract more experience and innovation to this new season.

This year we have once again managed to have more than 14 villas exclusively for our clients in ibiza, as you can see on the website, we have only published a few and with little information because one of our values ​​is always to preserve the client's privacy. On the other hand, we have renewed the fleet of boats with two new additions, as well as the remodeling of our Tullio 42 and two new models of sunseekers. Yes, like every year, we change almost all the boats!

In beverage delivery, we have signed agreements with large groups that we cannot yet reveal but that will allow us to be more competitive and have more diversification. At the same time, we have incorporated brands that are “at the top” and maintain others as always.

Regarding Robiza wine, we will soon reveal this year's big news that only those registered for the news letter know about, as well as a PRIVATE drink home ibiza CLUB where it will allow us to connect our best clients with others to get to know each other and network... and whatever comes up!

We hope to see you this year, always looking forward to having fun!

Welcome to Ibiza 2024!

@drinkhomeibiza @robizawine

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