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A little bit about us

A little bit about us

Hello everybody!

What's drink home ibiza? that's a typical question every year! We started in 2014 with only one motorbike and with no idea of what to do, but during the years and with our experience in the alcohol market and services, allowed us to start this project with the goal of delivering a real and innovative solution for the needs that ibiza visitors have. Always Drink responsibly! 

Our goal is to ensure that at any time and place you feel good, without having to worry about anything. Today we have already positioned itself as a benchmark in Ibiza, with a pioneering and innovative service. Also on instagram we're more than 450.000 followers! Your whims, desires and needs are our reason for being. Try us and valued by your own experience our unique service. Drink Home Ibiza offers comfortable, discrete, exclusive and fast service:

Confortable: No matter when or where or how... We take care that you don’t miss anything .

Discrete: Never reveal any personal information of our clients , your privacy comes first.

Exclusive: we offer a bespoke service with unique and personal treatment, because no two situations or clients alike.

Fast: time is not an issue for us, it’s our greatest ally.

Our drink service and our concierge service it's available all year around. Concierge too? yes, after 2 years on delivering alcohol we started to rent villas and yachts for our clients and we've now more than 14 villas in exclusivity and 8 yachts!

If we have improved your experience and stay in Ibiza, we have done our job well. Every day we work to make this possible. Thank you for trusting us and drink responsibly! 

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see you soon!

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