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Make a distance gift for ibiza

Make a distance gift for ibiza

Good morning! As you know Drink Home Ibiza is dedicated to offering alcohol  and bottles 24h service to any point of the white island and rental boats, yacht, cars, luxury cars, clubs, villas... 

Today we will explain you a new service: "make a gift". A new service that will be in Australia, Brazil or the United States and you can sending one of our guys anywhere on the island to surprise whoever you want in a fun and original way in the island of Ibiza. You just have to know where the other person is, write and tell us when you want to deliver your order. So you can surprise friends or family who are spending a holidays in Ibiza with a different way!

So any doubts, questions or bookings for this winter or season 2017 in relation to villas, yachts, cars, clubs, charters ... you can send us by email [email protected] or phone +34 660240701. We will be happy to help and solve any issue in our power!

Have a nice weekend!


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