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New alcohol Brands 2017

New alcohol Brands 2017

Good afternoon! 

As well you know Drink Home Ibiza apart from the service of alcohol and drinks of bottles 24h also we are dedicated to the provision of rent of cars, luxury cars, clubs, boats / yachts and villas ... 

For drinks, alcohol, bottles, soft drinks ... in short our 24h delivery service we have a new infrastructure and more staff to reach all our orders as soon as possible.

Also in vodka, whiskey, champagne, rum, gin, beer, tequilas, wine, cava, spirits, etc. In all categories we have added new bottles and brands for all of you! 

In vodka: Smirnoff as a cheaper bottle comes in strong, as well as the well-known Beluga and the amazing Greygoose Magnum. 

In champagne: we keep all our products from last year, with Moët, Veuve Clicquot and Dom Pérignon as the most requested. As well as Rosé champagne, without forgetting magnum or even 6L bottles that you ask for! 

In rum: we give entrance to the White Bacardi as well as the Rum Zacapa 23, surely they will have to speak and you will like. 

In gin: the brands of last year are maintained with the incorporation of Gin Law and Monkey 47, express request of many customers ... 

In whiskey: we keep all our products from last year, being Jack Danield's Chivas and Macallan Amber the most requested. Not to forget mention the new Japanese whiskeys.

In beers: Estrella Damm beer is still the most requested and in almost all orders drops some boxes. Enter Heineken and Corona as novelty. 

In wines: we welcome wine OTT Domaines Rosé, very celebrating by our customers, as well as new wine brands like Miraval, Ibizkus, Le bordeaux or sauvignon. 

In Tequilas: we added the Herradura Plata, Patrón Silver and our most luxurious tequila: Tequila Don Julio 1942. 

Still having all the varieties we have, there are more than 1,000 references in the warehouse, so any demand you want ... ask and we will find it! 

Any doubts, questions, reservations for this summer or the 2017 season at villas, yachts, cars, clubs, wranglers ... you can send them to us by [email protected] or mobile +34 660240701. We will be happy to help you and solve any issue! that is within our reach! 

Have a nice day! 


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