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The paradise: Formentera

The paradise: Formentera

As you know Drink Home Ibiza is dedicated to offering alcohol 24h service to any point of the white island and rental boats, cars, villas... 

Today we are going to explain one of the neighboring islands : Formentera!

One day with us in yacht means yes or yes going to Formentera. Why? This paradise island is only 20 minutes from Ibiza. White sand, clear waters and a tranquility that leads you to feel like in paradise. In winter it is pure tranquility, with just over 10,000 habitants, Formentera has an enviable quality of life. If it is true that during the summer tourism increased considerably, especially with the arrival of Italians, but still being a magical island.

Before eating we can be at beaches like Cala Saona, Ses Illetes and Es Pujols. With us, complementing the service yacht with jet ski or flyboard for the day even more fun,

A lunchtime always offer the Restaurant Juan y Andrea or Beso Beach. Two emblematic sites where seafood or paella is a delicatessen for your palate. Needless to say, only what are its sunsets in the quiet Mediterranean Sea.

Formentera is the place to be a couple of days or a whole day disconnecting of the neighboring Ibiza island. Beach, sun and assured sense of paradise!

We hope to see you all in our boats and experience with us a good yacht day!

Good week!


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