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Robiza wine grows

Robiza wine grows

Good Morning! how are you? we have great news with our Robiza wine! we have grown and increased the family!

Robiza wine, a state of mind, is a trilogy that represents stunning nature manifestations, the Sun, Sea and Moon. Robiza is a premium Spanish wine born to promote the “fun-regenerative lifestyle” back to normality. Their mission is to prioritize your mental well-being in a fast-paced western world and help reconnect with your essence and loved ones through the power of nature.Because taking care of yourself is also productive.

In the rosé, the yellow paint reflects the sun’s rays that, together with the wine, melt into a beautiful sunset. White wine chooses blue to teleport us to a crystalline white sand beach simulated by Sauvignon blanc. And the red one, evokes an exclusive design of the moon and the stars in the middle of the darkness of the night.

Since 2020 we have transformed the consumer’s habit, from “drinking to drown your sorrows” to “reconnecting through a glass of inspiration”. Robiza is more than a wine, it is a holistic experience that transmits the magic and the message of love from the white island, Ibiza. He wants you to celebrate life and bring light in these unprecedented times to share togetherness, love, fun and inspiration. It is a unique concept with a positive impact on your mental health, the planet and for those selective drinkers who value quality over quantity.

Robiza wine is proud member of Luxury spain, Spanish luxury association, entity recognized by the government of Spain.


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